Treasury Solution

Treasury Solution features a powerful set of tools all in one place that enables you to manage your company's banking needs securely—right from your office.

Information on your company's cash position is available when you need it so you can maximize your cash for investments and day-to-day operations. Using an Internet connection and a browser, the modular design allows you to enroll in only those components that make sense for your company. What's more, you can assign different levels of access to your associates based on the functions they conduct for you.

Treasury Solution Access

Review Information View prior-day transactions and balance details View current-day balances and transactions including ACH, wire and teller View or print check and online statement images (front and back) View or print deposit images (ticket & deposited items)
Perform Transactions Initiate domestic & international wires Initiate ACH transactions Initiate book transfers and stop payments Make commercial loan payments or advances on a line of credit
Manage Accounts Export transaction data to spreadsheets and your company's accounting software Set up Email Alerts (by service and user) Print ACH reports for ACH returns, NOCs and EDI Print statements - and various special reports

Treasury Solution Security Features

Treasury Solution utilizes layered security for your protection with security tokens, secondary approval of all wires and ACH transactions and various options for Alerts on your account.

Treasury Solution also provides another option – Dual Administration. This optional feature adds transparency to system changes and updates. By setting up Dual Administration, a second Administrator will be able to approve any changes, additions or deletions made by another Administrator. The approving Administrator will see the "before" and "after" of any scheduled changes so they have a clear picture of what is being changed. The Dual Administration feature is optional for each client, but is highly recommended by the bank.

For more information about Treasury Solution functionality, please contact your Treasury Services Sales Specialist.