Secure Access Card

Get added security and added protection with the Online Banking PLUS Secure Access Card.

Hancock Bank is committed to safeguarding your identity online for all Online Banking users.  All Online Banking PLUS members may elect to receive a Hancock Bank Online Banking Secure Access Card to add an additional layer of identification when accessing their account.

For maximum security, Online Banking PLUS members will be required to provide their user ID and password at sign on along with information from their who use the Secure Access Card.

As a Secure Access Card user, you will be given grid coordinates upon each sign on and will be prompted to select the correct value to enter in three different areas. As the only card bearer, only you have access to those grid values. It’s advanced identity protection technology, and it’s all yours!

Access Card

Sign up for Online Banking PLUS:

Already enrolled in Online Banking and want to sign up for Online Banking PLUS? Switching is simple. Just follow these four easy steps:

  1. Sign on to Online Banking
  2. Select the Online Banking Preferences tab
  3. Click on the Online Banking Plans tab
  4. Select the Online Banking PLUS plan and, if applicable, complete the billing account information

We make it easy to manage your money online. Sign up for Online Banking PLUS today and start enjoying all of the benefits this special plan has to offer. If you have any questions about your Secure Access Card, please contact us.