"Spear" Phishing: A New Take on Phishing

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Protecting Yourself
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This is a new take on phishing in which e-mails are sent not to a mass e-mail list, but rather to a highly targeted list, such as only people who work in a specific company.

They may appear to be from the company's president, or from the human resources or IT department, or even from a co-worker. When unwitting victims respond to these e-mails, they not only expose themselves to identity theft, but they may also expose their entire company to risk.

Spear phishing e-mails may also be targeted to individuals who visit certain websites or buy certain productsbasically, any sub-group thieves can identify and target with a specific, relevant message.

To protect yourself, never reveal any personal information (like that described above) in response to any e-mail request, regardless of who the e-mail looks like it might have come from.

If it appears to have come from inside your company, call the person or department in the "From" line to confirm it and report it to your company's IT or security department immediately.