Information Services

The availability of timely and accurate information to assist with forecasts, investment decisions and business plans is critical to compete effectively.

You'll have access to this critical information through:

Treasury Solution

Online information reporting services like Treasury Solution can provide you with the account information you need to make better financial decisions. This includes prior‐ and same‐day account balances, electronic payments and more.

Treasury Solution is a comprehensive online banking service. The balance reporting module allows you to obtain summary and detailed prior‐day account balances, view intra‐day incoming ACH and wire transactions, examine prior‐day transaction detail, transfer funds between Hancock accounts, make stop payments requests, and reconcile your Hancock Bank accounts.

Treasury Solution lets you know what your cash position is at any given time, which enables you to decide things like whether to pay down or borrow from your line of credit or invest excess funds. The service also enables you to initiate transactions (ACH, wire transfers and tax payments) and access images of checks written, deposit tickets and deposited checks online.

Automated Account Reconcilement

Timely and thorough reconcilement of your company's accounts improves your financial controls, provides you with key information to facilitate your business decisions, and reduces your risk of monetary loss arising from errors or fraud. Our bank offers reconcilement services to help you streamline your reconcilement process.

For the reconcilement of checks, you can choose a Partial or Full Reconcilement service. With Partial Reconcilement, we provide you with a database or a report of the checks that have paid in your account during the most recent statement cycle. Depending on your level of automation, this data can be uploaded directly into your internal reconcilement system for comparison to your register of issued checks. With Full Reconcilement, you provide us with a database of your register of issued checks; we conduct the comparison against your current statement history and provide you with reports of paid checks, outstanding checks, and exceptions.

Positive Pay

Positive Pay is an enhanced reconcilement service designed to reduce your exposure to check fraud. You would provide us with your register of checks paid, in a similar manner to a Full Reconcilement except you would do this every time you write checks instead of waiting until the end of the statement cycle. We would compare this data against every check that is presented for payment on your account to determine of it is a check you have authorized for payment. Exception items that do not match your payment criteria will be reported to you through our online banking service so you can determine if the item should be paid or rejected.

Check Imaging

Through this service, you can receive high‐resolution images of your paid checks online and/or on a CDROM. Once checks are posted to your account, images of the front and back of each check are captured and archived. This eliminates the need to store paper checks and saves staff time spent on check retrieval.