Paying & Receiving

We can offer a variety of financial services to facilitate international trade and travel. Our foreign drafts, wire transfers, foreign currency and Travelers Cheques will assist you in making the most of your international business efforts. All of these services can be handled at any Hancock Bank location.

International Wire Transfers

Using our worldwide network of correspondents, we can wire funds in U.S. dollars or foreign currencies around the globe. Wires put your funds where you need them - on time-because they are considerably faster and more efficient than drafts.

Using wires to receive funds from overseas is the most efficient and fastest way to receive funds. The foreign bank notifies us that funds should be paid to you, and we credit your account with us the same day. We can also remit funds to you via check or wire transfer to another bank.

Foreign Check Clearing

Should you receive a foreign currency check payable outside the U.S., we can purchase that item from you, subject to final payment. This convenient service speeds your receipt of U.S. dollars without collection fees. The foreign check must be drawn in one of the major currencies on a bank in that country. Should the check be drawn in U.S. dollars outside of the United States or Canada, the item must be sent for collection in order for payment to be made.

Foreign Drafts

Our team can issue foreign drafts in most currencies. These drafts function much like a Cashier's Check. Drafts can be used by businesses to provide payment to overseas beneficiaries. Consumers use drafts for travel expenses and to make deposits at foreign hotels. You can order a foreign draft through any Hancock Bank location or purchase it directly from our International Department.

Foreign Currency

When traveling internationally, you will always need foreign currency for small items such as taxis and other situations where credit cards aren't accepted.  Purchasing foreign currency prior to your departure leaves one less thing to worry about upon arrival, and may even save you money as exchange rates may become less favorable.

Hancock Bank offers numerous currencies on hand for immediate purchase and will arrange for delivery of other currencies within 48 hours. Foreign currency can be ordered at any Hancock Bank location.

Travelers Cheques

Some hotels, restaurants and shops in foreign countries don't accept credit cards. It's always prudent to bring Travelers Cheques in U.S. dollars. Travelers Cheques provide a safe alternative to cash.