For Exporters

As an exporter you must consider the credit risk of your foreign buyer because it is not always possible to receive cash in advance for your goods. If you are selling outside of the United States, there are several payment options available to limit your financial risk and improve your cash flow.

Export Letter of Credit

Get assurance, prior to making the goods available to your customer, that you will be paid upon shipment. Our Trade Finance Group can assist you with the details of L/Cs that are crucial to your getting paid in a timely manner.

Export Documentary Collections

With a trustworthy and repetitive client, our Trade Finance Group can structure a documentary collection that will help you sell more efficiently and ensure that you are protected.  

Banker's Acceptances

When you receive an L/C that has terms, you do not need to hold it for the amount of the term to get your funds. To improve your cash flow, contact our Trade Finance Group for details on discounting Time L/Cs.

Export Financing

Whether you need financing before starting a manufacturing process or after you've made the sale, our Trade Finance Group can help find the funds you need to export successfully. We offer a host of short, medium and long term export financing programs through such federal agencies as the Export-Import Bank of the United States and the U.S. Small Business Administration, or private sector providers.

Canadian Lockbox Services

If you are a large volume exporter to Canada who receives payments in Canadian dollars, you know that it takes extra time to process those payments. Our Canadian Lockbox Service expedites the clearing of these Canadian checks while reducing the amount of mail, processing and collection float you would normally encounter. Contact our Foreign Exchange Group for more information.