We offer distinctive, high-value financial products and services for businesses in the Oil and Gas Industry. Energy Banking Clients benefit from a personalized relationship with an Energy Banker and a team of professionals, including Petroleum Engineers.
Accompanied by a local team of dedicated experts, our Energy Bankers are empowered to meet the comprehensive financial needs of our clients. Contact us at (713) 951-7108.

Reserve-Based Lending Services

  • Full capabilities for offering credit that is based on an exploration and production company's proved oil and gas reserves.

  • Complete in-house assessment of all engineering and technical data for the underlying oil and gas reserves (or assets).

  • Extensive experience in conventional and non-conventional reserve profiles for all major US basins, including the Gulf Coast and offshore Gulf of Mexico.

Midstream Energy Segment

  • Significant experience and customer base in gas and crude oil gathering as well as intra and interstate pipelines.

  • We maintain close relationships with major market makers in hedging products.

Oil Field Services

  • We maintain a significant portfolio of relationships in the oil service segment and have been a consistent lender to the industry for over 75 years.

  • Our offerings include working capital lines of credit, equipment and acquisition financing.